Posted by: Sam | September 30, 2009

A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn

Well, lets hope this road is only bending and not completely obstructed by a  flaming meteor. Some of you may already know, but upon arriving at staging and after everyone was introducing themselves and telling everyone what we  all knew about Turkmenistan we all were informed that the government of Turkmenistan does not want any volunteers until 2010. Most thought it was a joke at first, but it seems 9 hours ago from around 3 pm (when we were all introducing ourselves) on Tuesday the american embassy in Turkmenistan and the Peace Corps barely found out what they thought was a miss type when the goverment sent a document with 2010  was actually not. Consequenlty, I’m returning home but we were classified as peace corps traines becuase we filled out all the paperwork. Consequently, are statis as of date is “interrupted service volunteers”. the one good thing about this is we have first choice on location from those projects that has room for more volunteers and the ones barely starting up.  Hopefully they can start up a new project soon that all of the  now previous T-18’s (my group to turkmenistan) will be able to stay together. The group was made up of amazing people excited about working in a changing government and i really hope to see them again. I’m just worried about those that gave up a job, sold their house, and car. People are homeless now and some even gave up their insurance for the peace corps insurance (which we have a month of). So please pray for them.

well, i guess i’ll be seeing u all soon!



  1. WE are so sorry to hear that you will not be going.. Please know you are being prayed for and that you are loved… I’m sure it is hard to process it all but hopefully one day God will show you why but until that day.,May your faith in Him grow to Know He loves you and He can be trusted… When you can’t see his hand trust His heart…
    I just read about Paul and how he was taken from his mission work he loved and placed in a Prison but out of that he had a new ministry and what he did there in His cell God is still using today.. we can read it!!!
    love you , The Oyers!

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