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News! Get Your News!

Well, i should update every one on my status. I’ve been excepted to go to Morocco on March 1. yayayayayayay!!! really excited because i love their culture and fooooooooddddd! Cant wait to learn their language (mix of arabic, beber, french and maybe spanish @.@.. pity But until then i need to find a job (anyone know of any that excepts a BS for microbiology and cell science i would be greatly appreciative if u send me the info), pay off my loans and redo some PC stuff like x-rays for my teeth.  But on the positive side i get to see my friends new sister, help her find a place to live, and stay home for christmass and my b-day and spend it with my family. Also… no -015 weather whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!  Well, this late leaving means i proubly wont udate this blog for 6


Well, lets hope this road is only bending and not completely obstructed by a  flaming meteor. Some of you may already know, but upon arriving at staging and after everyone was introducing themselves and telling everyone what we  all knew about Turkmenistan we all were informed that the government of Turkmenistan does not want any volunteers until 2010. Most thought it was a joke at first, but it seems 9 hours ago from around 3 pm (when we were all introducing ourselves) on Tuesday the american embassy in Turkmenistan and the Peace Corps barely found out what they thought was a miss type when the goverment sent a document with 2010  was actually not. Consequenlty, I’m returning home but we were classified as peace corps traines becuase we filled out all the paperwork. Consequently, are statis as of date is “interrupted service volunteers”. the one good thing about this is we have first choice on location from those projects that has room for more volunteers and the ones barely starting up.  Hopefully they can start up a new project soon that all of the  now previous T-18’s (my group to turkmenistan) will be able to stay together. The group was made up of amazing people excited about working in a changing government and i really hope to see them again. I’m just worried about those that gave up a job, sold their house, and car. People are homeless now and some even gave up their insurance for the peace corps insurance (which we have a month of). So please pray for them.

well, i guess i’ll be seeing u all soon!


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The titles corny, but its true. And my first step begins in less than 17 hours!!! I’ll be flying out of south Florida around 9:05 am and landing in Philadelphia around 11:55 am where stagging and the filling of the forms begins. Then on October 1 we fly on a crazy long plane ride to TURKMENISTAN!!  YES the times has finally arrived and im crazy excited, but there’s so much still to do in packing and calling people (does the list ever end?) and i’m worried i may go over the 100 lb Anyway, just wanted to tell everyone  I LOVE YOU!!!! and don’t worry, i’ll be fine and i’ll keep you all in my prayers as i hope u will keep me in yours.

with all my love, hope and dreams


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First Post!!

Well, i want to first explain the meaning of the name ‘Kaiwhakako’. It basically means teacher from Maori. I thought it was appropriate in relation to what I’ll be doing in Turkmenistan. What will i be doing… in what-ya-ma-call-it, you ask. I happen to join the Peace Corps a few months ago and thought a blog to keep my family and friends update would be awesome and having a journal of my days in Turkmenistan (where I’ll be going) would be beneficial as well.  I’ll be doing preventive health care education when i go to Turkmenistan (ironic though, a person from a country that doesn’t practice it will be teaching it to another country @.@).  And Turkmenistan is next to the Cyprus sea and above Afghanistan and Iran. The capital Ashgabat means “the city of love” or “the city that love built” and i’ll be doing three months of training there (starting around sep. 29, 2009!) and then they  may ship me off to a village in the middle of no

Overall, I’m crazy excited that I’ll be implementing my favorite part of health care, preventive medicine and, at the same time, TRAVEL!!!! I don’t know if i can wait for the last few months until departure.

~sam *Kaiwhakako*



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